Explore the Worlds of Hockney and Sir Titus Salt Some 15 miles from Harrogate we find the World Heritage Site of Saltaire Village which includes the world famous Salt’s Mill. Between 1851 and 1876 Bradford Mill Owner, Sir Titus Salt, used the then green field site to re-house his mill and to build a model village for his textile workers. Salt provided everything from neat stone cottages to alms houses, a school, shops, wash houses, a hospital, churches and parks but no pubs, pawn shops or police station. The actual mill is enormous and was restored in the late 20 th century by Jonathan Silver who transformed Salt’s Mill from an empty hulk into a vibrant and successful gallery and Arts Centre. David Hockney was Silver’s friend and many of Hockney’s paintings and drawings are on display. Our tour, with expert guides dressed in their Victorian outfits, starts at 10.30 am and last about 90 minutes. There is a café and restaurant in the mill as well as interesting boutique shops. Lunch is your own choice either at the mill or in the village, before we return in good time to Harrogate for the Ladies Evening Dinner at the Sun Pavillion. www.saltsmill.org.uk