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For a real break from routine, imagine your regular
ftness class, and now imagine attempting it on
roller skates. Led by the expert skating instructors at
Northern Roll, this weekly class is split into two, with
40 minutes of of-skates warm up and stretching,
followed by 40 minutes workout on skates, ideal for
building core and leg muscles. Skates are available to
hire via the NorthernRoll website.
Rollerdance Workout, NorthernRoll,
Fridays, 7-8.30pm, £6
Virgin Active,
The Light,
The Headrow,
0113 233 7575
Based in central Leeds amongst a cluster of arts
venues, Yorkshire Dance is fertile ground for
emerging stars. Tis translates into a range of drop-
in classes to choose from that ofer an interesting
alternative to the rowing machine and are led by
some of the best teaching talent in the city. Learn to
break dance, or have a go at Bokwa – a high energy
cardio workout that has its roots in South African
war dance, the Brazilian martial art capoeira, and
kickboxing. Weekly streetdance classes take their
lead from up-to-the-moment trends, so consider
it homework for a future night out and prepare for
some serious showing of next time you’re near a
public dance-foor.
Bokwa, every Wednesday, 6.30-7.30pm, £5
Breakdance, every Wednesday 8-9pm, £6
Streetdance, every Wednesday 7-8pm, £6
Yorkshire Dance,
St Peter’s Square,
0113 243 9867