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Bramley Baths
Broad Lane,
LS13 3DF
0113 214 6000
Tere are dozens of swimming pools in Leeds,
but only Bramley Baths lets you bathe in amazing
Edwardian splendour. Converted from a foundry in
1904, natural light foods onto the pool from a glass
roof, giving swimmers a breathtaking view of the
sky and the impressive factory chimney. With only
a handful of Victorian and Edwardian bathhouses
left, this beautiful pool ofers an authentic experience
of turn-of-the-century bathing, with colourful
poolside cubicles, a large viewing balcony, authentic
ironwork, stained glass and oak panelling. For a
few pounds extra, try out the Russian steam room
– built on the site of the gentleman’s slipper baths
– and discover the Russian method of steaming up
fast and cooling-down quick.
Indoor bouldering is big news and very popular –
a sort of physical chess for people who like to mix
exercise with problem solving. City Bloc was set
up three years ago by four experienced climbers,
themselves members of the British Bouldering Team.
With dozens of diferent routes to suit all levels of
experience, and because all of the climbs are changed
every month, there’s little room for boredom, or
lethargy. If you’re a regular climber you can walk in
and grab a hold. If you’re a beginner, take a 30 minute
induction or book in for some one-to-one coaching.
City Bloc
Airedale Industrial
Estate, Kitson Road,
LS10 1NT
0113 391 2652