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Te local flm industry has a long and distinguished history. Back
in 1888, a Frenchman called Louis Le Prince, who is sometimes referred
to as the father of motion pictures, was living in Leeds and shot what
are said to be the very frst moving pictures on paper flm using a single
lens camera. Le Prince recorded the landmark pieces of footage at Leeds
Bridge and in Roundhay: two early examples of how the diverse local
landscapes, from the urban centres to the leafy suburbs and beyond,
have attracted talented flm makers since the beginning of flm itself.
Of course, flm making in Leeds and the wider region has come
a long way since Le Prince’s groundbreaking work, and more than 120
years later, Yorkshire is still home to original, innovative cinema that
captivates the world. Andrea Arnold’s gutsy adaptation of
, shot on location in the uncompromising North Yorkshire
Moors, followed on from other famous recent successes such as
Damned United
, which was flmed in and around the city of Leeds, and
it may be a lesser known fact that elements of the Oscar-winning
King’s Speech
were also flmed in Leeds.
Of course, while the frm foundations of past successes are important,
what’s absolutely vital is the development of new talent – and fortunately
the city of Leeds and Yorkshire as a whole are well placed for even greater
achievements in the coming years.Te Leeds Young People’s Film Festival,
an annual event that screens flms made both by and for young people,
is a driving force and attracts an audience that numbers well into the
thousands.Te festival emphasises the link between flm and community,
with interactive workshops and masterclasses providing a creative outlet
for local youngsters to get involved, perhaps engaging the local stars of
tomorrow with a lifelong love of flm.Te sheer diversity of flms on show
at the event – everything from shorts and animations through to full-
length features, documentaries and dramas, makes for a another thrilling
event that places Yorkshire frmly on the flm map.
In terms of young people in flm, the award-winning
We Are Poets
a notable recent success.Te flm documents the journey of six exceptional
young poets from Leeds Young Authors, a youth poetry group based in the
inner city Leeds community of Chapeltown, who are chosen to represent
the UK at the most prestigious poetry slam competition in the US. You are
unlikely to see a greater testament to the creativity and will to succeed of
young people than in this deeply personal and poignant flm, which was
produced and directed by local flm makers.
From those black-and-white images of 1888, through to the high-
defnition delights of the present day, the region has played host to a
dynamic cinematic journey all of its own. In last year’s raw and sensual
Wuthering Heights
, the blustery Yorkshire landscape was so integral to
the impact of the flm that it was almost a chilling character in itself. So,
in these uncertain and challenging times, whether it’s the backdrop of a
foreboding moor, or an urban view of the centre of Leeds showing people
living, loving and achieving, this magical part of the world is tailor-made
for the big screen.
Come and join us at the 26th Leeds International Film Festival from the
1st – 8th Novemeber 2012 or visit
r further details.
Alternatively, visit
r industry information
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