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Rick Harrison is a photographic-blogger.
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Eleanor Snare is a fashion blogger.
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Tere are plenty of great independent clothes shops in this
city, but none are quite like ReMade in the Hyde Park area.
Each garment in their Antiform fashion line is individual and
everything is produced from recycled clothing, using dead-
stock, donated garments or end-of-line fabrics. I love the
way they reinvent the fabrics into something new, combining
traditional materials like tweed and wool mixes with modern
shapes and cutting. Tey’re lovely welcoming people and the
place has a really nice atmosphere. Since renovating a space that
brings the shop and workshop together, you can see exactly how
their clothes are made. ReMade represents much more than
a fashion brand for me and it’s not only about sustainability.
Tey’re great fashion designers who have found a fantastic,
expansive idea; recycling clothes into original designs and
providing the local community with skills to make their own,
or swap clothes with others. ReMade are future-proofng the
industry and using good design to do it.
I’m a recent convert to Leeds Kirkgate Market – the largest
covered market in Europe and the place where Marks &
Spencer’s started out with a penny bazaar. I’d always known the
market was there, but shamefully not paid it much attention.
I spent a bit of time there taking photos, and when you stop
to look around, it really is an amazing place. Architecturally,
the old market hall is beautiful; built in the 1800s, it’s a Grade
I listed building with an amazing iron and glass roof, so the
stalls inside bask in natural light. Te best thing about Leeds
Kirkgate Market though, is the personality and character of
the stall-holders. You’re unlikely to fnd anyone with the same
knowledge and passion for their produce, freshness of goods (a
perfectly ripe mango I had one morning was a revelation), a fun
and chatty outlook, or dare I say it, inventiveness. On spotting
me taking photos outside his shop one butcher ran out and
loudly proclaimed to anyone who would listen that I was from
the local paper, here to do a story on how cheap his steak was.
34 George Street
Leeds LS2 7HY
0113 214 5162
25 Back Kensington Terrace,
Leeds LS6 1BQ
0113 345 3223