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Leigh Linley is a beer and food blogger.
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Emma is founder of Te Culture Vulture,
a multi-author blog routed in Yorkshire.
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Inside Guide
I’m quite particular about my cofee. Te people who brew
it are as important as the contents of the cup. La Bottega
Milanese and Laynes Espresso are both passionate about their
craft. La Bottega Milanese ofers an authentic experience of
an Italian espresso bar, with strong aromatic cofee and a cool
aesthetic. But, most of all, it’s about owner Alex Galantino,
who is on a mission to give people great cofee. Tey also do
an amazing range of cakes and savouries – like risotto balls.
At Laynes Espresso, which is so close to Leeds Station you
can almost smell the beans from the platform, David Olejnik
is building a real community around great cofee (and tea).
He gets to know his customers personally and what they like
and dislike. Both Alex and David recommend things to me to
challenge my tastes. Tese aren’t linger-all-day places, they’re
more European; you drop in, drink and then go, but they
are built by people who believe in what they do and aren’t
prepared to compromise on taste.
If you want to sample a real, friendly, local Leeds pub, with a
scenic walk thrown in, wander up the canal from the centre of
Leeds and stop of in Newlay at the Abbey Inn. Te landlord
there, Martin Lockett, has built great relationships with local
brewers and is really passionate about his beer. Real ale is a
living product and keeping it well comes down to the cellar-
ship of the landlord – a lost art in some pubs but not in this
one. If you go the bar and ask about the beer or cider, the staf
genuinely know their stuf and will help you fnd something
to suit your palette. Te pub gets really busy but is only really
known to boaters and walkers in the daytime. Even if it’s
empty and you’re by yourself with the paper, you’re made to
feel welcome. As a real ale blogger, I visit a lot of pubs and fnd
it very difcult to take my dog for a walk without stopping of
here – it’s one of the friendliest pubs I’ve been in, ever.
The Abbey Inn
99 Pollard Lane
Leeds LS13 1EQ
0113 258 1248
Laynes Espresso
NewStation Street
Leeds, LS1 5DL
07828 823189
La Bottega
32 The Calls, Leeds
07779 258004