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Tey explain how all the ingredients for one of their
dishes, a hearty autumn game pie, can be bought at Kirkgate
Market. Te game in the pie includes venison shoulder,
pheasant, partridge, pigeon and rabbit – and, ‘you can buy
them ready-skinned if you’re feeling squeamish’. It’s a lovely,
rich, favoursome dish, with a puf pastry lid, flled with
pancetta, baby onions and game stock made from the bones.
It comes with celeriac and sage chips on the side. See over
the page for the recipe.
Edward Lee, Create’s head chef, says: “I’m a big fan of
the market. You won’t fnd foods like that elsewhere,” he says.
“Nothing as fresh or as local, or where so much knowledge can
be shared by the people who are selling it – what it is, how to
cook it, how to prepare it.”
Walton-Allen adds: “Te market is part of our heritage
and something we should be proud of. It is really accessible,
anyone can shop there, there’s a great range on ofer. And it’s
totally unique to Leeds – lots of cities have lost similar spaces.
We undervalue it at our peril.”
Kirkgate Market is a living institution, and a number of
recent initiatives have made shopping in the market easier and
healthier with handy advice and support services.
Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food opened in the market
in 2010, and aims to give ordinary folk the skills to cook
wholesome family meals on a budget, through cookery courses,
recipe ideas, and advice on healthy and afordable food.
Complementing this is Te Source, an information centre for
shoppers and traders, giving advice on how to get the most
from the market, as well as providing demonstrations and
showcasing the range of produce on ofer.
‘Shop & Drop’ is an innovative new service which allows
shoppers to store their market purchases in a secure cold store,
either to continue shopping unburdened by bags,or for collection
later in the day. It’s open from 8am till 6pm, so it’s perfect for
grabbing your goodies after work or a hard day’s shopping!
For more information, please visit