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Te Eastgate
roundabout at the bottom of the Headrow,
which houses Te Millennium Fountain,
gives me a warm glow when I pass by. In
my imagination it’s variously a little glass
temple, a sanctuary from the city, a butterfy
house or the gateway to an underground
city. Bizarrely the site had a petrol station
on it for years which represented one heck
of a driving challenge. I’ve fantasised about
spending a wet January afternoon in the
steamy glass structure. It’s hard to get a good
look at it as the crossing opposite doesn’t go
far enough and you’d have to do 2mph in
your car to rubberneck the statue of World
War II bomber pilot Arthur Aaron VC.
Tis secretiveness appeals and one day I’ll
pack a picnic and make a dawn crossing
while it’s safe, to fully experience life on
the island, meet stranded inhabitants and
go tribal. Go enjoy and take your deckchair.
7000 OAKS.
by German artist
Joseph Beuys, always gives me a little
lift when I walk by it. Te frst trees and
stones were installed in Kassel, Germany
in 1982, and then extended across the
world; each installation a young tree
(symbolising life and interdependence)
paired with a basalt stone (symbolising
the eternal) and we have one here
in Leeds outside the Henry Moore
Institute. For me there is something
touchingly heroic about this young tree
growing right in the middle of everything
the city can throw at it, symbolic of wider
hopes and concerns we have, refected
by Joseph Beuys’ interest in social and
environmental change. After every New
Year, I’m always slightly anxious to see
if the tree and stone have survived the
raucous celebrations – so far, so good!
is director of Te
Culture Company,
She tweets
7000 Eichen (7000 Oaks),
Joseph Beuys. Photograph ©
Leeds Museums and Galleries
(Leeds Art Gallery)
is an artist working as
BristowLloyd with Christian
Lloyd, Visual Communication
Course Leader, Leeds College
of Art.
Te Millennium Fountain
Eastgate. Photograph ©
Rick Harrison