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Tere are three works by Romanian-born Paul Neagu, from the Leeds
sculpture collections that I keep coming back to. Neagu thought of sight as an over-used sense and
thought of sculpture as employing all of the senses.His work is an essential part of the story of sculpture
in Britain.Te collection has two maquettes made somewhere between 1986 and 1991. To me, Neagu
is an artist more people should know about, with his works here in Leeds a great place to start.
is Director of Leeds Met Gallery
and Studio Teatre
She tweets
Colliding at the Corner (red)
by Conway & Young © Roger
Moody. Junction, Situation Leeds
public art programme.
I personally enjoy art that interrupts the routine of thought on a
walk through the city, through works that are often understated but stimulate many questions.
Start at Victoria Gardens and the inscribed residue of MeneMene, a collaborative art project that
Pippa Hale, David Hawkins (Bishop of Barking) and Stuart Tarbuck created in 2005; visit Joseph
Beuys’ oak tree outside the Henry Moore Institute, and then walk down Park Row to Conway and
Young’s painted message on a junction box, inviting us to use all of our senses to understand our
surroundings. Tat uncertainty of what you are viewing and then the precious sense of discovery
and realisation never fails to excite me.
is Head of Sculpture Studies,
Henry Moore Institute,
Paul Neagu (1938-2004)
Maquette for the Charing Cross
Triple Starhead Commission,
London: Wake, c.1986-91
Painted wood
Image © Leeds Museums and
Galleries (Leeds Art Gallery)