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Managing director Gurdev Singh believes the
continued high level of investment is vital in pursuit of
becoming the UK’s leading market services provider and
speeding clients’ products to market.
He says: “Our expertise and capabilities are
constantly evolving to take advantage of the proliferation
of channels to market, which includes highly targeted
direct mail, an increasing range of online as well as social
media. Strategic rather than tactical marketing lies at the
heart of the company’s success, underpinned by scale of
operation and the agility to adapt swiftly to changing
market requirements.
“What’s unique about Communisis is that we can
work with marketers on every part of the communication
strategy. It’s a fully collaborative and streamlined approach
using intelligence and technology. Intelligence comes in the
form of data and creativity – our data services are unrivalled,
providing information on over 42 million people.
“Te in-house creative team that has been developed by
creative industry heavyweight Dean, use that comprehensive
data to create customised personalisation for highly targeted
communications.Te most advanced output technology then
sends the message through whichever channel the customer
chooses and each campaign is analysed to ensure maximum
return on investment.”