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found great people from the region to work for me
and work with me so why would I want change? I’m
very happy here.”
Tomlinson’s business career began when he took
over the running of his parents’Orchard Care Homes
frm, a company he later sold in a management buyout
worth £175 million. He continues to run care homes
through his Ideal Care Homes company, but he now
has a frm that constructs them (using designs created
through consultations with staf and residents – who
are rightly the focus of his business) and another that
supplies software to them.
Te other business making up the LNTGroup
(N stands for Neil) is a company which manufactures
de-icing products and Ginetta cars. A racing driver
himself, Tomlinson acquired the British motor car
marque Ginetta in 2005. Since then he has restored
the fortunes of the company founded in 1958.
Whereas he bought it “from two blokes in a shed in
Shefeld”, today 300 cars are made at the Garforth
factory each year by 70 staf. And in keeping with
the traditions of the brand, half of these are built
solely to be raced. Himself a winner at the Le Mans
24 hour in a GT2 Panoz, he has used his skills not
only as a businessman and engineer but also as a
racing driver to build race cars and championships
to rival the very best in motorsport.
Tere are four models of Ginetta race car -
the G20, G40, G50, and G55 each one more
powerful (and expensive) than the last. Much
of their time on the track comes through the
company’s own single-make championships run
all over the world. But Ginettas also more than
cut it against other manufacturers, including
legendary racing car marques Porsche, Ferrari and
Aston Martin. Following its launch in 2008 the
Ginetta G50 won three seasons of the British GT
Championship in a row.
Of the racing cars, one has been adapted for
the road. Te Ginetta G40R has stats that send
sports car enthusiasts hearts-a-futter: a top speed
of 140mph, 0-60 in 5.8 seconds and 175bhp.
However, it is the second Ginetta road car, the
G60, which is really setting pulses racing. Te
vehicle, which is due to go on sale this year is a
bold contender among the ferce competition.
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