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The Acorn Committee,
PO Box 101, Otley, LS21 2WA
01423 734876
07984 727304
We all enjoy a trip out and I am sure we all remember our school outings,
summer holidays, day trips with family and friends – so why should that
stop if you have dementia. Sadly it does, but not if you are supported
by Dementia Forward.
Acorn organises and plans wonderful monthly outings for people
with dementia and their carers. This year has been action-packed! We
have visited the Bronte Parsonage, had a canal trip to Skipton, been
to see The Lion King when it came to the Bradford Alhambra, enjoyed
afternoon tea at Goldsborough Hall and a very special highlight was our
outing to Newby Hall in July.
It was as if wewere all back in our childhood during the summer holidays
– one of our party said she always felt too old to go on the miniature
train at Newby Hall but didn’t need asking twice to step aboard as it was
all pre booked, nor did anyone turn down the chance of a 99 ice cream!
The peer support which carers receive is beyond price and as you
can imagine, the outings are very popular. I would like to thank our
wonderful coach driver Jockey from AS Coaches who drives us to all
the wonderful places we have visited and looks after us like kings and
queens – making all our days out just that bit extra special.
What always makes me smile is that more than once when we are out
and about I have been approached and asked “How do we join your
group, you seem to be having such fun!”
“Outings are so relaxing and
happy. They are so important
to us all; we belong in a team.
I cannot emphasise how much
Dementia Forward means to us all”
“For a powerful,
uplifting tonic, we
take a Dementia
Forward outing!”
Joan and Alan Rainey
“What a wonderful day out we had at Newby Hall. I think it
was the best trip we have been on through Dementia Forward.
Louise hired a scooter for my husband which enabled us to go
where everybody else went. The trip on the train was very good
and I could see the pleasure it gave Roland waving on to all the
onlookers even though it de-railed as soon as we set off (too much
weight with all the cakes Louise makes us have!). Thank you for a
lovely day”.
Carol and Roland Moor
“A jewel of an English
country home and
garden on a perfect
July day in the best of
company. It was lovely.”
Mac and Freda Reid
“To show how popular your
outings are, if you don’t reply by
return they all get booked up. We
were slow and were only in time
to book for one outing, but first
out of the block now the autumn
programme has been announced!”
David and Ann Wells
“The events that Acorn organise are so important to Sylvia’s well
being. The stimulation created by sharing these experiences with
her friends and with the staff and volunteers from Acorn and
Dementia Forward is so good to see. She laughs and smiles and
there is a sparkle in her eyes. You improve our lives so much.
Thank you to the Acorn Committee for all of your care and
Adrian and Sylvia Smith
Newby Hall Outing
Barge Outing
The Acorn Wednesday
Group is launched – pilot
activity session for younger
people with dementia
Fashion Rocks Fashion
Show at The Hotel Du Vin
Acorn Spring Fair
Total raised £300,000
Tennis Tournament at
Ilkley Tennis Club
Lynx Fashion Show
Golf Day at Ilkley Golf Club
Hog Roast at Huby Village
Fashion Show at Lynx,
Lobby Parliament with
local MP Phil Willis
Race Night with Lynx
Total raised £310,000
Heidi Davis, JimWoodburn
and Sarah Skitt ran the London
Marathon and Dion Harrison
did the Ironman in Lanzarote
and Edinburgh Marathon
PCT and Social Services
fund Specialist Nurse and Acorn
Healthcare Assistant and Social
Worker for younger people
with dementia
Luncheon Clubs start
for people with dementia and
their carers at Bilton Cricket
Club, Harrogate
Tennis Tournament at The
Academy, Harrogate
Ascot Ball with 500 guests
raising £45,000
Dr Maya Buch spends a
year at University of Michigan
Scleroderma Center
Golf Day at Ilkley Golf Club
Julie Fitzmaurice Fashion
Acorn Challenge – The
Lyke Wake Walk 14 walkers
raised nearly £10,000
A private view by artist
Tony Brummell Smith
Christmas Fair at Hotel Du
Ville, Ripley
A Private Audience with
Snake Davis at Hotel du Vin,
Christmas Card by Tony
Brummell Smith
“We would like to thank you and Acorn for another wonderful day out with
our group from Dementia Forward. The trip to Skipton and the cruise
along the canal were great. John particularly enjoyed the singsong and
coped well with the words. Today was something of a trip down memory
lane; it is 62 years since we went to Newby Hall and on that occasion
arrived by motor cycle and side car!
John alas couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the Hall but loved the ice-cream.
You even arranged perfect weather on both days”
Barbara and John Dixon
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