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The Acorn Committee,
PO Box 101, Otley, LS21 2WA
01423 734876
07984 727304
Raising funds for people with dementia and their carers in the Harrogate, Ripon andWetherby area
and for Scleroderma research at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
What a wonderful journey we have all been on together!
14 balls and parties, 13 tennis tournaments, 15 golf days, 5 bridge
days, 8 100k bike rides, gaining Royal seal of approval and a host
of other fundraising ideas has led us all to raising a magni cent one
million pounds. Reaching this huge milestone has de nitely made the
Committee and I sit back and think about that wonderful journey. It
has been a time to re ect and think where it has taken us and what has
been achieved.
Back to 1999 when I excitedly gathered a group of girlfriends together
to arrange our very rst ball I never could have imagined where we
would be 15 years on. 36 girls have been part of Acorn, each and every
one has contributed to its success. Some original committee members
are still with us today – gluttons for punishment or what?!
The motivation for joining Acorn comes in many forms. Each of us
would probably admit to being amazed at what we have achieved and
the astonishing fellowship that working together brings. Whilst I’m sure
the girls have all said it’s been a lot of fun being on the Committee, it
is a huge commitment and I would like to thank each and every one
of them for their time and generosity of spirit. Even the husbands get
roped in – it’s a family a air when you join the Acorn Committee.
The Committee and I are understandably very proud of what has been
achieved over the years for people with dementia and their carers.
Whilst we now have a choice of wonderful local services supporting
people with dementia and their carers, I am frequently reminded how
much still needs to be done. The money which Acorn raises is making
a huge di erence to the lives of people with dementia and their carers
whilst they are living at home in the community, making their time at
home as special and as normal as possible. I am so proud of what I
see and know that these projects are helping people, but there is
so much more to do. The future is frightening, as numbers are ever-
increasing which leaves little doubt in my mind that Acorn will continue
to fundraise for as long as possible. We are making such a di erence,
watching that every penny is spent wisely and will continue to do so for
as long as we have the energy and your support behind us.
This year we have been involved in a pilot scheme for making Harrogate
a Dementia Friendly town. This campaign is now starting to take on
a life of its own with
the support of the
Harrogate Advertiser
campaign - it is
exciting times for our local
area. If you want to learn more about this project and see how your
business can help and get involved, we would love to hear from you.
The developments in the eld of Scleroderma research are equally
impressive as Leeds has become a World Centre of excellence. I know
that Professor Paul Emery and his colleagues would want me to thank
you all for your continued support over the years. Acorn donations
have enabled them to be creative and innovative, kick-starting specialist
research projects that they would not necessarily have been able to do
within the strictures of NHS funding.
I personally feel that Acorn is a magni cent example of great teamwork
and my highlights this year have been hitting the “One Million” back in
June, the launch of the Acorn Cycle top, planning for the Million Pound
Ball and being involved in making Harrogate a dementia friendly town.
I feel that Acorn is a special family that has pulled together and really
made things happen. None of the projects we have helped fund would
have been possible were it not for the very generous support of you all.
The Committee and I are indebted to everyone. From those who take
part in our events, volunteer to help, donate prizes, o er sponsorship
and their personal expertise and precious time, to those who embark
on personal challenges and businesses and clubs who adopt us as their
charity of the year.
So as you can see, we’re not standing still. It is all very exciting and who
knows where the next few years will take us? We look forward to seeing
you at our forthcoming events and thank you all for your unconditional
support – we couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you!
Dear Friends of Acorn
New Committee
We are delighted to welcome
Dr Pratibha Nirodi, consultant
psychiatrist, to the Acorn
Committee. Her knowledge
and experience will add
greatly to the Committee’s
expertise and we look forward
to working with her.
Inaugural Ball
Ladies Lunch with
Cookery Demonstration
First Acorn Scleroderma
Research Fellow appointed
Fashion Show at Cutlers
Bolton Abbey Family Dog
Walk with afternoon tea
Raised £35,000
Spring Fling Disco at Huby
Village Hall
Tennis Tournament at Ilkley
Tennis Club
Golf Day at
Rudding Park
Ripon and
Harrogate Branch of Alzheimer’s
Society opens o ce
Millennium Ball
Scleroderma Research
Fellow receives grant to visit
South Africa
Fashion Show at
Cutlers Restaurant
Raised £75,000
Golf Day at Rudding Park
Tennis Tournament at The
Academy, Harrogate
Harlequin Ball
Planted a 30ft Oak Tree on
the Stray in Harrogate
Christmas card by Clare
Scleroderma Research
Fellow establishes initial clinical
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